This page details the photography services that Maine Home Photography offers.

Still photography provides the best foundation for building your property marketing!


  • Most people search 1st on the internet for thier next house.
  • Most people are visual and will glance only at the pictures after entering basic search criteria.
  • Most people "DO" judge a book by it's cover.
  • Most people will skip by listings with no, or bad, pictures.
  • Most people "WILL" judge you (as owner, or sales agent) on the quality of pictures.


We will provide you with high quality images that show your property in it's best light, from the most flattering angles and view-points while highlighting the poblue-sky-promise.jpgsitive features that will make viewers want to see more!

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High Quality Images

Quality images will make your property stand out in the enormity of online listing sites such as Zillow and MLS. Quality images will also show you as a professional! Competition is tight in this industry, our photography services can give you the upper hand. Recent surveys and statistics (Redfin) prove that better images give more sales, faster sales, higher sales.


- We take Pride in Quality -


Consistent and Reliable

We've photographed hundreds of properties! This experience has taught us the in's and out's and the right's and wrong's. You can expect our results to be consistent, from one property to the next, from today to next year. Take the worry out of the equation... we strive to exceed your needs, and promise to always treat you and your clients with honesty, integrity, and courtesy!


- We Value Respect -


Professional and creative

Time is money, for you as well as us! From 1st contact to final delivery, we have streamlined our efforts to be fast and efficient while maintaining our high quality standards. Yet, within these bounds, we can still provide for creative flare... that which makes a photographer an artist! It's easy to take a snapshot from your cell phone, it's a whole other thing to make a room inviting.


- We Value You & Your Client -





♫     Blue skies smiling at me,

Nothing but blue skies do I see...   ♫



No matter the weather*, we'll provide cheerful blue skies!


-From early morning to early evening,
-sunny or cloudy days,
-winter or summer...
We'll make sure your property shines in it's best light!


We're sure you'll agree, nothing says possibility like a bright sunny day. That's why we give your listing photos nice blue skies, even if the day we capture your property is dark and stormy. And... at no extra cost to you! So, don't worry about the weather when you book a Property-Shoot with us, we are here to make your listings look great!


from this...


to this...



*The only conditions that effect Property-Shoots are steady rain, snow, or other extreme weather events, which will cause us to have to re-schedule.