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  • Travel fees are calculated at $1.50 per mile, one-way from the Capture Agent’s “Home Base”. The 1st 30 miles are free!
  • Home Base List
    • Mike – Hallowell 04347
    • Noah – Hallowell 04347
    • Frank – Waldoboro 04572


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Announcements !

We are a team of three now! (and growing) You can select your preferred photographer from the drop-down menu, or let the system choose the next available. Frank’s “home-base” is Waldoboro, Noah’s “Home-base” is Newcastle, and Mike’s “Home-base” is Hallowell.

There is a travel fee ($1.50/mile 1-way) after the 1st 30 miles from the photographer’s Home-base.

Please have properties staged and ready when we arrive. As the busy season starts up again, we book shoots one after another, and don’t have time to stop and wait for rooms to be de-cluttered.

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