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Maine Home Photography     |   Hallowell, Maine 04347  |   Phone: 1 (207) 607-3693

Our Mission


Our mission is to provide the real estate industry in Maine with high quality images and products that show property listings in their best light, all at competitive prices!


Our service area includes Cumberland, Androscoggin, Sagadahoc, Kennebec, Lincoln, and Knox counties.We will consider any proposed jobs. Please contact us to discuss jobs outside our normal service area or jobs that have special needs.

*see a map of our service area Here

**We hope to expand to cover the entire state of Maine soon!




Our Company

screenshot-www michellemcdougalphotography com 2015-08-23 09-14-39.pngMaine Home Photography was born out of Michelle McDougal Photography (link), one of Maine's premier children's photography studio. This division officially launched in 2013.

   "Real estate photography was a natural off-shoot from our professional portrait studio located in Bath, Maine. We started this real estate enterprise when agents buying 'head shot' portraits started requesting our services". After completing a few assignments, Mike decided that photographing houses was his niche of choice. A little market research and prayer, and we launched into this new arena with great optimism. This was a specialization that Mike enjoyed, could offer quality service and products, affordable pricing, and still be able to be profitable. A win-win business model!"






Our Photographers

We are a husband/wife team dedicated to you. We are glad to do what ever we can to make you a success! We want to make you and your properties look good!

Mike takes the lead role in this facet of our photography business.

Michelle concentrates her expertise on Portraiture... Need an updated 'Head-Shot'? Give us a call!



   Although never officially "bitten by the photography bug", Mike has grown to enjoy photography as a career, and has logged over fifty weddings and other events as Michelle's second shooter. As well as many of the back office duties of our busy studio business. Mike's career path has led him from retail (in management positions of national chains to owner/operator of a local hardware store) to the building trades (providing contractor/carpentry services to mid-coast Maine for over nine years). Mike uses these experiences to deliver customer service at a level beyond the norm. As a remodeling contractor, Mike has gained an eye for those details that makes a house special and knows how to emphasize or de-emphasize characteristics to make buildings look their best. While it is true that a picture says a thousand words, you want those words to be representing your building in it's best light, and that is the advantage Maine Home Photography can offer to your listings.





michelle-1.jpg   Michelle was bitten by the "photography bug" early in life and has had a camera of one sort or another in hand since childhood. As our eight children started to become less Mom-dependant, Michelle's love of people and pictures merged and Michelle McDougal Photography was born. Michelle is a "people person" through and through and especially enjoys photographing newborns, families, and high school seniors (amongst all other the portrait types she handles).



Why Use Us ?

Why use us? Actually... You don't have to!

Why Not?

   You can hire another photographer... they are a 'dime a dozen' these days, but beware! Not all photographers are created equal! An expensive camera does not make anyone a professional photographer.


You can do it yourself... see above!

   If you do pursue this option, please note that an occasional 'lucky' snapshot is not the same as getting reliable, consistent, high quality photos. To get the latter, expect to spend 3-4 hours a week, every week for the foreseeable future learning about f-stops, aperture, focal length, shutter speed, aliasing, crop ratios, metering, white balance, et cetera, et cetera. As well as the never ending acronyms like ISO, ASA, APS-C, APS-H, AF, AWB,et cetera, et cetera. Then there is the 'artistic' side... How does one learn that? Ah yeah... usually countless hours spent mastering the techniques learned and applying them to real world scenarios.


But... We do believe you should!

Below is one reason you should... See for yourself!!!

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   We want to deliver high quality images and related products to you in a convenient and helpful manner. We believe that our services can help your business! We will continue to learn our trade, to keep up with technological advances, and to hone our skills! We want to become your partner in business!




Be GREAT! at your profession, let us be great at ours.


*See our page on Professional Real Estate Photography HERE.


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