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Calendars and Scheduling

Google Calendar

Add tides to Google calendar.

Tide Map at

Harpswell Harbor at


1) Go to and download the .ics file for this year for your location – this example is for Naha, Okinawa:

naha tides download screenshot.png

2) Import the resulting 4013.ics file into Google Calendar:

calendar settings screenshot

calendar import and export

calendar import

IMPORTANT: it’s best to import it to a new calendar named “tides” so you can always switch the display off when you want to – if you import it into your main calendar you’ll be stuck with it for the year!

3) Doing the above makes quite a lot of entries since it also displays low tide, sunrise and sunset – you can use to delete entries with the text “sunrise” “low tide” etc so you are left with just the high tide information.